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Holstvoogd, Jorijn (author)
Steady multiphase flow in two-dimensional (2D) porous media has not been established without the continuous fluctuation in pore occupancy. Cox (2019) proves the ability of liquid to bridge a gas-filled pore throat that is narrow and deeply etched, allowing liquid and gas to flow simultaneously. In this investigation, a pore network study was...
bachelor thesis 2020
Kumar, P. (author), Fanzio, P. (author), Sasso, L. (author), Langelaar, Matthijs (author)
The concept and synthesis approach for planar Compliant Fluidic Control Structures (CFCSs), monolithic flexible continua with embedded functional pores, is presented in this manuscript. Such structures are envisioned to find application in biomedicine as tunable microfluidic devices for drug/nutrient delivery. The functional pores enlarge and...
journal article 2019
Dahar, S. (author)
This thesis presents a fabrication process for medical microfluidic devices that is performed with purely silicon microfabrication methods, which is a better option for mass-production than commonly used soft lithography. The fluids passing through the channels of a microfluidic device that is fabricated using this developed method can be...
master thesis 2016