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Haitsma Mulier, Babette (author)
Drainage of fluid from wet adhesive-substrate interfaces is often mentioned to be an important mechanism in obtaining strong grip. It has been hypothesized that micropatterned adhesives – that contain features (e.g., pillars) separated by channels on their surface – have a better drainage capability compared to unpatterned adhesives....
master thesis 2020
van Assenbergh, S.P. (author), Fokker, Marike (author), Langowski, Julian (author), van Esch, J.H. (author), Kamperman, Marleen (author), Dodou, D. (author)
The adhesiveness of biological micropatterned adhesives primarily relies on their geometry (e.g., feature size, architecture) and material properties (e.g., stiffness). Over the last few decades, researchers have been mimicking the geometry and material properties of biological micropatterned adhesives. The performance of these biomimetic...
journal article 2019