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Mazur, Xavier (author), Rinaldi, M. (author), Connors, Richard D. (author), Viti, Francesco (author)
To use efficiently the infrastructure of transportation networks, control strategies have been developed with the aim to reduce negative externalities, such as congestion and pollutant emissions. Previous works demonstrated that the maximum performance achievable by traffic control policies depends on the number and location of controllers...
journal article 2022
Stam, C.J. (author), Tewarie, P. (author), Van Dellen, E. (author), Van Straaten, E.C.W. (author), Hillebrand, A. (author), Van Mieghem, P. (author)
In recent years there has been a shift in focus from the study of local, mostly task-related activation to the exploration of the organization and functioning of large-scale structural and functional complex brain networks. Progress in the interdisciplinary field of modern network science has introduced many new concepts, analytical tools and...
journal article 2014
Zhang, X. (author), Ai, T. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author)
Building patterns are important features in applications like automated generalization and spatial data mining. Many previous work has however focused on a few specific patterns (i.e. collinear pattern), while many others are less discussed. This paper proposes a comprehensive typology of available building patterns through the study of existing...
conference paper