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Bechtel, S. (author)
We show L<sup>p</sup>-estimates for square roots of second order complex elliptic systems L in divergence form on open sets in R<sup>d</sup> subject to mixed boundary conditions. The underlying set is supposed to be locally uniform near the Neumann boundary part, and the Dirichlet boundary part is Ahlfors–David regular. The lower endpoint for...
journal article 2024
Ajay Kumar, Aniketh (author), Mathur, Akshat (author), Gerritsma, M.I. (author), Komen, Ed (author)
Several investigations have been undertaken to study the velocity and temperature fields associated with the thermal mixing between fluids, and resulting thermal striping in a T-junction. However, the available experimental databases are not sufficient to describe the involved physics in adequate detail, and, due to experimental limitations,...
journal article 2023
Veling, E.J.M. (author)
The analytical solution is presented to the convection–diffusion equation describing the concentration of solutes in a radial velocity field due to extracting groundwater from or injecting water into an aquifer with arbitrary initial concentration data F(r), with r the radial distance, and an inhomogeneous mixed boundary condition G(t), with t...
journal article 2012