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Ding, Z. (author), Brouwer, J.C. (author), Zhu, Jia-Ning (author), Popovich, V. (author), Hermans, M.J.M. (author), Sloof, W.G. (author)
Boron containing MoSi<sub>2</sub> is a promising material for applications at high temperature, but the oxidation mechanism is still unclear. In this work, the high temperature (1100 °C) oxidation of B doped MoSi<sub>2</sub> in synthetic air has been investigated. A (boro)silicate layer is formed on the surface of the alloy, which features a...
journal article 2023
Chen, Ying (author), Zhang, Xun (author), van der Zwaag, S. (author), Sloof, W.G. (author), Xiao, Ping (author)
A self‐healing thermal barrier coating (TBC) system is manufactured by air plasma spraying (APS) and tested by thermal cycling. The ceramic topcoat in the self‐healing APS TBC system consists of an yttria stabilised zirconia (YSZ) matrix and contains self‐shielding aluminium containing MoSi2 healing particles dispersed close to the topcoat/bond...
journal article 2019
Carabat, A.L. (author), Meijerink, M.J. (author), Brouwer, J.C. (author), Kelder, E.M. (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), van der Zwaag, S. (author), Sloof, W.G. (author)
A successful sol-gel process to encapsulate molybdenum di-silicide MoSi<sub>2</sub> particles with a closed and thermally stable Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> layer using aluminium tri-sec-butoxide as a precursor is presented. The processing conditions such as precursor selection and temperature were optimized through analysing the interaction...
journal article 2018