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Banerjee, I. (author)
In a dynamic or disruptive situation, such as disasters, a fully mobile and decentralized infrastructure-less network seems to be a viable option for communication. Citizens are confronted with challenges such as complicated deployment of these networks, resource-constrained mobile phones and mobility. This requires communication networks to...
doctoral thesis 2022
Haus, Michael (author), Ott, Jorg (author), Ding, Aaron Yi (author)
For indoor IoT environments, spontaneous device associations are of particular interest where users establish a connection in an ad-hoc manner to enable serendipitous interaction. For instance, between a user's personal device and devices the user encounters in the surrounding environment. Our system for device grouping named DevLoc takes...
conference paper 2020
Banerjee, I. (author), Warnier, Martijn (author), Brazier, F.M. (author)
When physical communication network infrastructures fail, infrastructure-less communication networks such as mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), can provide an alternative. This, however, requires MANETs to be adaptable to dynamic contexts characterized by the changing density and mobility of devices and availability of energy sources. To address...
journal article 2020