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de Klerk, Kasper (author)
The size of vessels has increased significantly over the last decades and will increase even further in the decades to come. This trend is mainly visible in the size of container ships. A decade ago the largest container ship had a capacity of 13.500 TEU, nowadays the largest container ship has a capacity of almost 24.000 TEU. The capacity of...
master thesis 2021
Muruganandam Mallur, Madhan (author)
As systems become more lightweight, to satisfy inertia and size requirements, vibration becomes a prominent factor in their dynamics. This vibration is undesirable and various suppression methods exist such as passive, semi-active, and active. In this thesis, active control methods are explored for this purpose. The present technology utilizes...
master thesis 2020
Van der Male, P. (author), Van Dalen, K.N. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
In determining wind forces on wind turbine blades, and subsequently on the tower and the foundation, the blade response velocity cannot be neglected. This velocity alters the wind force, which depends on the wind velocity relative to that of the blades This blade response velocity component of the wind force is commonly referred to as added...
conference paper 2014