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Yilmaz, A. (author), He, X. (author), Pletincx, Sven (author), Hauffman, Tom (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Gonzalez Garcia, Y. (author)
The role of prior austenite grain size (PAGS) on the passive layer properties of martensitic steels is studied. Electron backscatter diffraction analysis shows that PAGS between 5 and 66 µm were obtained after applying different heat treatments. The barrier properties of passive film deteriorate with grain refinement up to 28 µm, attributed to...
journal article 2022
Yilmaz, A. (author), Traka, K. (author), Pletincx, S. (author), Hauffman, T. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Gonzalez Garcia, Y. (author)
The role of microstructural defects (dislocation density and grain boundary areas) on the passive film properties formed on cold- and hot-rolled interstitial free (IF) steels is investigated in 0.1 M NaOH solution. Electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) shows higher microstructural defect density on cold-rolled samples. Potentiodynamic...
journal article 2021