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Qiu, Jiaqi (author)
The Pearl River Delta region, where the author of this project grew up, has been a source of inspiration due to the devastating impacts of natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, and storms on the limited freshwater resources in the area. Water is a crucial necessity for the inhabitants of the PRD, but the complexity of the water system,...
master thesis 2023
Da Silva Fanzeres, Débora (author)
This study aimed to generate accurate evapotranspiration (ETA) data for the Mountain Aquifer region using the SEBAL model in Google Earth Engine (GEE) with a resolution of 30 m. The analysis provided valuable insights into evapotranspiration's spatial and temporal dynamics and its relationship with land use characteristics. Significant spatial...
student report 2023
Ginting, D.M. (author)
Introduction Different water resources are shared among neighbouring nations worldwide, as water does not recognize any (political) boundaries. This fact has led to conflict and cooperation between neighbouring states over the management of such water resources. To manage these resources in a way that it prevents conflict and promotes...
master thesis 2013