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Li, LITIAN (author)
This project explores adaptation to preference shifts in Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning (MORL), with a focus on how Reinforcement Learning (RL) agents can align with the preferences of multiple experts. This alignment can occur across various scenarios featuring distinct preferences of experts or within a single scenario that experiences...
master thesis 2024
Peschl, M. (author), Zgonnikov, A. (author), Oliehoek, F.A. (author), Cavalcante Siebert, L. (author)
Inferring reward functions from demonstrations and pairwise preferences are auspicious approaches for aligning Reinforcement Learning (RL) agents with human intentions. However, state-of-the art methods typically focus on learning a single reward model, thus rendering it difficult to trade off different reward functions from multiple experts. We...
conference paper 2022
Peschl, Markus (author)
The field of deep reinforcement learning has seen major successes recently, achieving superhuman performance in discrete games such as Go and the Atari domain, as well as astounding results in continuous robot locomotion tasks. However, the correct specification of human intentions in a reward function is highly challenging, which is why state...
master thesis 2021