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Porta i Ko, Agustí (author)
Airborne wind energy (AWE) systems benefit from a high lift airfoil to increase the power output, to that end, multi-element airfoils are investigated for AWE applications. This thesis aims to optimize a multi-element airfoil for a rigid AWE kite that operates in a pumping cycle. Since the kite has distinct operational phases, i.e., reel-out and...
master thesis 2022
Van Craenenbroeck, J. (author)
High lift systems are indispensable but complex and heavy systems so new methods to allow lighter and simpler high lift systems are actively sought after. One of the methods that have already proven to be able to increase high lift performance is boundary layer suction. In practice however the application of it is uncommon mainly due to the...
master thesis 2016
Oskam, B. (author)
The viscous flow around multi-component airfoils has been calculated by solving incompressible potential flow and boxindary layer problems iteratively. The potential flow problem is solved by a revised version of the 2D NLR panel method. A model transport equation of turbulent stress is employed to calculate the turbulent boundary layer. The...
report 1980