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Schmidt, Mathias (author), Noel, L.F.P. (author), Doble, Keenan (author), Evans, John A. (author), Maute, Kurt (author)
This paper presents an immersed, isogeometric finite element framework to predict the response of multi-material, multi-physics problems with complex geometries using locally refined discretizations. To circumvent the need to generate conformal meshes, this work uses an extended finite element method (XFEM) to discretize the governing...
journal article 2023
Noel, L.F.P. (author), Schmidt, M. (author), Doble, K. (author), Evans, J. A. (author), Maute, K. (author)
Multi-material problems often exhibit complex geometries along with physical responses presenting large spatial gradients or discontinuities. In these cases, providing high-quality body-fitted finite element analysis meshes and obtaining accurate solutions remain challenging. Immersed boundary techniques provide elegant solutions for such...
journal article 2022