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Bayraktaroglu, H. (author), Hicks, M.A. (author), Korff, M. (author)
In this paper, a state-dependent semi-micromechanical framework for anisotropic sands is proposed. A simple constitutive model based on critical state theory and bounding surface (BS) plasticity is used to describe idealized micro-level soil behaviour, and a slip theory based multilaminate framework employed to create a link between the micro...
conference paper 2023
Maghsoudloo, A. (author), Galavi, Vahid (author), Hicks, M.A. (author), Askarinejad, A. (author)
Static liquefaction is one of the principal triggering mechanisms of failure in fully saturated loose sand slopes both in offshore and onshore regions. Static liquefaction induced landslides are known for their significant softening and a fluid-like behavior at the onset of failure. However, the literature lacks experimentally verified advanced...
conference paper 2017