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Oderwald Blázquez, Adrian (author)
In riverine environments under anaerobic conditions, methane and carbon dioxide are produced as a result of biological activity, causing degradation of organic matter. Under aerobic conditions, the bacteria present degrade the organic matter, whereby the concentration of dissolved oxygen may be lowered. Thus, issues experienced in the...
bachelor thesis 2020
Groeneveld, William (author)
An issue that arises during the execution of shipbuilding engineering projects at Royal IHC is an imbalance between the sum of all necessary engineering work, and all engineers that are employed who are available to execute the work. This research aims to develop a new method to help establish a proposal engineering work schedule forecast for...
master thesis 2019
Koppenol, D.C. (author), Vermolen, F.J. (author), Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V. (author), Niessen, Frank B. (author), van Zuijlen, Paul P.M. (author), Vuik, Cornelis (author)
A continuum hypothesis-based model is developed for the simulation of the contraction of burns in order to gain new insights into which elements of the healing response might have a substantial influence on this process. Tissue is modeled as a neo-Hookean solid. Furthermore, (myo)fibroblasts, collagen molecules, and a generic signaling molecule...
journal article 2016