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Li, Longlong (author), Khait, M. (author), Voskov, D.V. (author), Terekhov, Kirill M. (author), Abushaikha, Ahmad (author)
We apply Massively Parallel Interface for MPFA-O scheme with state-of-the-art Operator-Based Linearization (OBL) approach for multiphase flow in porous media. The implementation of MPFA-O scheme enhances the modelling capabilities for non-K-orthogonal mesh. A fully implicit scheme is applied to guarantee the stability of solutions when a mass...
journal article 2023
Wang, Y. (author), Hajibeygi, H. (author), Tchelepi, H.A. (author)
The MultiScale Finite Volume (MSFV) method is known to produce non-monotone solutions. The causes of the non-monotone solutions are identified and connected to the local flux across the boundaries of primal coarse cells induced by the basis functions. We propose a monotone MSFV (m-MSFV) method based on a local stencil-fix that guarantees...
journal article 2015