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Orozco, Camilo (author), Borghetti, Alberto (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author), Napolitano, Fabio (author), Pulazza, Giorgia (author), Tossani, Fabio (author)
The paper presents a coordinated day-ahead and intra-day approach for the scheduling of the resources in a local energy community (LEC). The considered LEC consists of a collective of power prosumers that can directly trade energy with each other in addition to the external provider. The scheduling approach is based on the alternating...
journal article 2022
Jusuf, K.A. (author)
Reservoirs are often operated to meet two or more objectives that sometimes may conflict. An example of this conflict is to keep storage low enough to maintain spare capacity for flood protection, but also to keep it high enough to maintain reliability of water / hydropower supply. Optimising the control decisions of reservoirs can provide a...
master thesis 2016
Raso, L. (author)
Water systems consist of natural and man-made objects serving multiple essential purposes. They are affected by many types of meteorological disturbances. In order to deal with these disturbances and to serve the desired objectives, infrastructures have been built and managed by societies for specific purposes. Given a water system, and its...
doctoral thesis 2013