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Odolinski, Robert (author), Teunissen, P.J.G. (author)
The best integer equivariant (BIE) estimator for the multivariate t-distribution was introduced in Teunissen (J Geod, 2020., where it was shown that the BIE-weights will be different from that of the normal distribution. In this contribution, we analyze these BIE estimators while making use of multi...
journal article 2022
Teunissen, P.J.G. (author)
This contribution extends the theory of integer equivariant estimation (Teunissen in J Geodesy 77:402–410, 2003) by developing the principle of best integer equivariant (BIE) estimation for the class of elliptically contoured distributions. The presented theory provides new minimum mean squared error solutions to the problem of GNSS carrier...
journal article 2020
Hendriks, R.C. (author)
The interest in the field of speech enhancement emerges from the increased usage of digital speech processing applications like mobile telephony, digital hearing aids and human-machine communication systems in our daily life. The trend to make these applications mobile increases the variety of potential sources for quality degradation. Speech...
doctoral thesis 2008