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de Zeeuw, Guido (author)
Over the years, modelling frameworks have been proposed to describe and predict the degradation of municipal solid waste in landfills. These frameworks, however, fail to couple the kinetic solutions to the real-time equilibrium state of the system. Because of this, fundamental processes such as pH changes, NH4+ adsorption to the waste surface...
master thesis 2022
van Turnhout, A.G. (author), Brandst├Ątter, Christian (author), Kleerebezem, R. (author), Fellner, Johann (author), Heimovaara, T.J. (author)
Long-term emissions of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills are a burden for future generations because of the required long-term aftercare. To shorten aftercare, treatment methods have to be developed that reduce long-term emissions. A treatment method that reduces emissions at a lysimeter scale is re-circulation of leachate. However, its...
journal article 2018