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Maeda, Haruka (author)
The final conception of my music marvel is to create a binary musical community center with auditorium and rooms for music therapy/school purposes but also creating a space for urban “flaneur” the wanderer of the city that can visit accidently and still have memorable experiences through seasonal exhibitions and pop up shows. The space will be...
master thesis 2022
Kreynen, Bernd (author)
Dementia care is a growing problem, both due to a rising number of cases and due to a shortage in healthcare workers. Aside from cognitive symptoms persons with dementia (PwDs) often deal with psychological symptoms such as agitation. The individualized music intervention (IMI) by Linda Gerdner has been proposed to reduce these. This is the...
master thesis 2021
Agres, Kat R. (author), Schaefer, Rebecca S. (author), Volk, Anja (author), van Hooren, Susan (author), Holzapfel, Andre (author), Dalla Bella, Simone (author), Müller, Meinard (author), de Witte, Martina (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author)
The fields of music, health, and technology have seen significant interactions in recent years in developing music technology for health care and well-being. In an effort to strengthen the collaboration between the involved disciplines, the workshop “Music, Computing, and Health” was held to discuss best practices and state-of-the-art at the...
journal article 2021