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Kumbul, U. (author)
Autonomous driving is a new emerging technology that will enhance traffic safety. Automotive radars are essential to attaining autonomous driving since they can function in adverse weather conditions and are used for detection, tracking, and classification in traffic settings. However, the dramatic growth in the number of radar sensors used for...
doctoral thesis 2023
Kumbul, U. (author), Petrov, N. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Silveira Vaucher, C. (author)
Smoothed phase-coded frequency modulated continuous waveform (SPC-FMCW), which is aimed to improve the coexistence of multiple radars operating within the same frequency bandwidth, is studied, and the receiving strategy with a low analog-to-digital converter sampling requirement is investigated. The Gaussian filter is applied to obtain smooth...
journal article 2022