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Beenen, Kathelijne (author)
Due to increasing global population and increasing food demand, crop yield needs to be improved to forestall potential food shortages. To achieve optimal crop yield, irrigation is applied to replace water losses due to evapotranspiration (ET). Information on ET should be applied to optimize water allocations and water use. In this study, the...
master thesis 2020
Donchyts, G. (author)
This thesis studies automated methods of surface water detection from satellite imagery. Multiple existing methods are explored, discussed, and some new algorithms are introduced to allowvery accurate detection of surface water and surfacewater changes. Themethods range in applicability from the local level to global, and from detecting high...
doctoral thesis 2018
Bangira, T. (author), Alfieri, S.M. (author), Menenti, M. (author), van Niekerk, Adriaan (author), Vekerdy, Zoltán (author)
The Caprivi basin in Namibia has been affected by severe flooding in recent years resulting in deaths, displacements and destruction of infrastructure. The negative consequences of these floods have emphasized the need for timely, accurate and objective information about the extent and location of affected areas. Due to the high temporal...
journal article 2017