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Hu, Zhewen (author)
Over the last decade, applications like self-driving, image recognition and speech processing are having more and more impact on the society, all these applications are based on machine learning, and machine learning is all about metrics and vectors. For that reason, vector processors are getting attraction again.<br/><br/>Most of the previous...
master thesis 2023
Breitwieser, Lukas (author), Hesam, A.S. (author), Rademakers, Fons (author), Luna, Juan Gómez (author), Mutlu, Onur (author)
Agent-based modeling plays an essential role in gaining insights into biology, sociology, economics, and other fields. However, many existing agent-based simulation platforms are not suitable for large-scale studies due to the low performance of the underlying simulation engines. To overcome this limitation, we present a novel high...
conference paper 2023
Amarnath, R. (author)
The demand to increase performance while conserving power has led to the invention of multi-core systems. The software until now had the convenience of gaining better performance over faster processors without any need for a change. The advances in the multi-core hardware have shifted the responsibility of software performance from hardware...
master thesis 2012