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Mai Van, C. (author)
This study further develops the method of probabilistic design and to address a knowledge gap in its application regarding safety and reliability, risk assessment and risk evaluation to the fields of flood defences. The thesis discusses: - a generic probabilistic design framework for assessing flood defence systems; - statistical techniques in...
doctoral thesis 2010
Luong Giang Vu, V. (author)
Vietnam has about 3260 km of coastline, primarily consisting of low-Iying coastal areas. More than 165 km of this coastline are within the Red River Delta, a densely populated region which experiences substantial dynamic changes and destruction due to frequent intense impacts from the river (floods) and the sea (typhoons, changes in sea level,...
report 2003
Häglund, M. (author), Svensson, P. (author)
Many coastal areas in Vietnam suffer from erosion. One of the worst affected areas is the Hai Hau beach, located in the Red River delta in northern Vietnam. Over the last hundred years, vast parts of the beach have eroded at an average rate of approximately 25 m per year. Important agricultural land has vanished into the sea and families have...
report 2002