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Kianfar, B. (author), Hassanizadeh, S. Majid (author), Abdelrady, Ahmed (author), Bogaard, T.A. (author), Foppen, J.W.A. (author)
In the terrestrial environment, interactions between natural organic matter (NOM) and colloids can lead to the formation of an environmental corona around colloids, influencing their transport behaviour and, ultimately, their ecotoxicity. We used a synthetically designed colloid tagged with DNA (DNAcol) as a surrogate for natural colloids and...
journal article 2023
Liu, Zhen (author), Solliec, Morgan (author), Papineau, Isabelle (author), Lompe, K.M. (author), Mohseni, Madjid (author), Bérubé, Pierre R. (author), Sauvé, Sébastien (author), Barbeau, Benoit (author)
Biological ion exchange (BIEX) refers to operating ion exchange (IX) filters with infrequent regeneration to favor the microbial growth on resin surface and thereby contribute to the removal of organic matter through biodegradation. However, the extent of biodegradation on BIEX resins is still debatable due to the difficulty in discriminating...
journal article 2022
Zahmatkesh, M. (author)
In order to address the ambiguities and knowledge gaps in the HA removal by WRF, mechanisms of removal were explored in chapter 2. It was shown that the mechanisms of HA removal by WRF involves the degradation of HA to smaller molecules, conversion to FA and also biosorption of HA by fungal mycelia. Furthermore, the ability of laccase to...
doctoral thesis 2018