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Asenso Barnieh, Beatrice (author), Jia, Li (author), Menenti, M. (author), Yu, Le (author), Nyantakyi, Emmanuel Kwesi (author), Kabo-Bah, Amos Tiereyangn (author), Jiang, Min (author), Zhou, Jie (author), Lv, Yunzhe (author)
Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) change is a major global concern and a topic of scientific debate. In West Africa, the key trend among the changes of the past few years is the loss of natural vegetation related to changes in different LULC categories, e.g., water bodies, wetland, and bare soil. However, not all detected changes in these LULC...
journal article 2023
Barnieh, Beatrice Asenso (author), Jia, Li (author), Menenti, M. (author), Jiang, Min (author), Zhou, Jie (author), Zeng, Yelong (author), Bennour, Ali (author)
The occurrence of natural vegetation at a given time is determined by interplay of multiple drivers. The effects of several drivers, e.g., geomorphology, topography, climate variability, accessibility, demographic indicators, and changes in human activities on the occurrence of natural vegetation in the severe drought periods and, prior to...
journal article 2021