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Paricio Ezquerra, Daniel (author)
Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) have attracted the attention of the scientific community in the last few years. Not only because of their importance to life on Earth but also their scientific potential and possible economic returns. This work explores the use of quasi-periodic orbits to bound the motion of NEAs close to the Earth’s vicinity for...
master thesis 2021
Ramirez Torralba, Olga (author)
Recognising the threat of near-Earth objects (NEOs), many ground-based surveys have been deployed worldwide. However, ~20% of these potential impactors are estimated to be approaching us from the day-side, and are thus very difficult to detect using ground surveys. Over the last decade, several space-based capabilities have emerged in an effort...
master thesis 2020
van den Berg, Peter (author), Parkash, Aalok (author), van Amerongen, Michiel (author), Anckaert, Jorg (author), Fisser, Joël (author), Heywood, Joseph (author), Hutan, Andrei (author), Meslin, Theo (author), Mukhtar, Usama (author), Ramos de la Rosa, Jordi (author)
This report presents the Final design of the Design Synthesis Exercise (DSE) to 'Capture a Small Asteroid and Change its Orbit' at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. The bachelor programme 'Aerospace Engineering' comprises several projects enabling students to explore aeronautics and space from different...
bachelor thesis 2016