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Sánchez-Margallo, Juan A. (author), Tas, L. (author), Moelker, Adriaan (author), van den Dobbelsteen, J.J. (author), Sánchez-Margallo, Francisco M. (author), Langø, Thomas (author), van Walsum, T. (author), van de Berg, N.J. (author)
Purpose: To present a novel methodical approach to compare visibility of percutaneous needles in ultrasound images. Methods: A motor-driven rotation platform was used to gradually change the needle angle while capturing image data. Data analysis was automated using block-matching-based registration, with a tracking and refinement step. Every...
journal article 2021
van de Berg, N.J. (author), Sánchez-Margallo, Juan A. (author), van Dijke, A.P. (author), Langø, Thomas (author), van den Dobbelsteen, J.J. (author)
During ultrasound-guided percutaneous interventions, needle localization can be a challenge. To increase needle visibility, enhancements of both the imaging methods and the needle surface properties have been investigated. However, a methodical approach to compare potential solutions is currently unavailable. The work described here involves...
journal article 2019
Horeman, T. (author), Buiter, E.C. (author), Pouran, B. (author), Stijntjes, M. (author), Dankelman, J. (author), Tuijthof, G.J.M. (author)
This experimental work focused on the sensor selection for the development of a needle-like instrument to treat small isolated cartilage defects with hydrogels. The aim was to identify the most accurate and sensitive imaging method to determine the location and size of defects compared to a gold standard (µCT). Only intravascular ultrasound...
journal article 2018