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Wijmans, Yannick (author)
Recently, deep-sea mining has acquired renewed interest from commercial companies due to a rise in the demand of minerals and metals. Deep-sea mining is focussed on different minerals and rare earth elements found in the oceans that are increasingly used in the manufacturing of goods and products related to renewable energy. In order to collect...
master thesis 2021
Ferrari, S. (author), Badas, M.G. (author), Besalduch, L.A. (author), Querzoli, G. (author)
We present a novel algorithm, namely Feature Tracking Velocimetry (FTV), which is less sensitive to the appearance and disappearance of particles and to high velocity gradients than classical Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The basic idea of FTV is to compare windows only where the motion detection may be successful, that is where there are...
conference paper 2013