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Kalita, Alakesh (author), Brighente, Alessandro (author), Khatua, Manas (author), Conti, M. (author)
The 6TiSCH standard provides minimum latency and reliability in mission-critical IoT applications. To optimize resource allocation during 6TiSCH network formation, IETF released the 6TiSCH minimal configuration (6TiSCH-MC) standard. 6TiSCH-MC considered IETF's IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy network (RPL) as a routing protocol...
journal article 2022
Marradi, Chiara (author)
In the last decades, more and more complex societal and environmental challenges are rising. Social Innovation is an emerging and promising framework to tackle complex global challenges at the local level of urban contexts. These projects are socially, culturally and contextually embedded and highly dependent on the local ecosystem of resources....
master thesis 2021
Gupta, Rahul (author)
As our modern society keeps changing, the role of universities as a source of creating opportunities for academic entrepreneurs to transform their scientific knowledge into a viable business is becoming significantly important. Even though academic institutions and universities have played a big role in the transfer of knowledge into...
master thesis 2019