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Mulderij, Jesse (author)
The study of the dynamics of large, complex networks is generally very hard. Analytical solutions are rarely available and numerical solutions require immense computation times. Recently, Gao et al. [1]have proposed a new theoretical approach to analyse the average behaviour of complex networks. In this research we discuss the derivation of the...
bachelor thesis 2017
Bharadwaj, Pawan (author), Mulder, W.A. (author), Drijkoningen, G.G. (author)
Least-squares inversion of seismic arrivals can provide remarkably detailed models of the Earth's subsurface. However, cycle skipping associated with these oscillatory arrivals is the main cause for local minima in the least-squares objective function. Therefore, it is often difficult for descent methods to converge to the solution without an...
journal article 2016