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Huang, Y. (author)
In advanced robotic applications such as robotic locomotion, vehicle and flight simulators, and material test devices, there are higher requirements on stiffness, robustness and power ability for the mechanical structure and the actuator. Hence, it is common for such applications to use parallel manipulators and hydraulic actuators, due to their...
doctoral thesis 2019
Wang, X. (author), Sun, S. (author), van Kampen, E. (author), Chu, Q. P. (author)
This paper proposes an Incremental Sliding Mode Control driven by Sliding Mode Disturbance Observers (INDI-SMC/SMDO), with application to a quadrotor fault tolerant control problem. By designing the SMC/SMDO based on the control structure of the sensor-based Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion (INDI), instead of the model-based Nonlinear...
journal article 2019
Smeur, E.J.J. (author)
Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) can perform many useful tasks, such as mapping and delivery. For these tasks either rotorcraft are used, which can hover but are not very efficient, or fixed wing vehicles, which are efficient but can not hover. Hybrid MAVs combine the hovering of a rotorcraft with the efficiency of a fixed wing. The reason that these...
doctoral thesis 2018