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Dolleman, R.J. (author), Belardinelli, P. (author), Houri, S. (author), van der Zant, H.S.J. (author), Alijani, F. (author), Steeneken, P.G. (author)
Stochastic switching between the two bistable states of a strongly driven mechanical resonator enables detection of weak signals based on probability distributions, in a manner that mimics biological systems. However, conventional silicon resonators at the microscale require a large amount of fluctuation power to achieve a switching rate in the...
journal article 2019
Dolleman, R.J. (author)
Micro and nanomechanical sensors are indispensable in modern consumer electronics, automotive and medical industries. Gas pressure sensors are currently the most widespread membrane-based micromechanical sensors. By reducing their size, their unit costs and energy consumption drops, making them more attractive for integration in new applications...
doctoral thesis 2018