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Hedayati, R. (author), Sadighi, M (author), Mohammadi-Aghdam, M (author), Zadpoor, A.A. (author)
Additively manufacturing (AM) techniques make it possible to fabricate open-cell interconnected structures with precisely controllable micro-architectures. It has been shown that the morphology, pore size, and relative density of a porous structure determine its macro-scale homogenized mechanical properties and, thus, its biological performance...
journal article 2017
Hollenstein, K. (author), Comellas-Bigler, M. (author), Bevers, L.E. (author), Feiters, M.C. (author), Meyer-Klaucke, W. (author), Hagedoorn, P.L. (author), Locher, K.P. (author)
Bacteria and archaea import molybdenum and tungsten from the environment in the form of the oxyanions molybdate (MoO4 2?) and tungstate (WO4 2?). These substrates are captured by an external, high-affinity binding protein, and delivered to ATP binding cassette transporters, which move them across the cell membrane. We have recently reported a...
journal article 2009