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Gaalswijk, Jonathan (author)
Critical infrastructures, such as the energy sector, are vital for the proper functioning of society. It is crucial to protect these infrastructures against cyberattacks on their operational technology, ensuring their operational performance, and safeguarding energy safety. There is a lack of existing research on improving cybersecurity in...
master thesis 2023
Presekal, A. (author), Stefanov, Alexandru (author), Subramaniam Rajkumar, Vetrivel (author), Palensky, P. (author)
The cyber attacks in Ukraine in 2015 and 2016 demonstrated the vulnerability of electrical power grids to cyber threats. They highlighted the significance of Operational Technology (OT) communication-based anomaly detection. Many anomaly detection methods are based on real-time traffic monitoring, i.e., Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that may...
conference paper 2023
Kranendonk, R.P. (author)
master thesis 2016