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Nord, Torodd S. (author), Kvåle, Knut Andreas (author), Petersen, Oyvind W. (author), Bjerkås, Morten (author), Lourens, E. (author)
The sea ice interaction with a structure may cause system changes and affect the feasibility of common approaches to track modal parameters. In this paper, a covariance-driven stochastic subspace identification method is used to identify the natural frequencies from 190 time series of ice actions against a lighthouse structure. The results...
conference paper 2017
Özbek, M. (author)
Identification of the dynamic properties and the corresponding structural response of wind turbines is essential for optimizing the energy produced, ensuring safe and reliable operation and increasing the life-time of the system. As the sizes of modern wind turbines increase, their dynamic behaviors get more complicated and it becomes more...
doctoral thesis 2013
Mohanty, P. (author)
The dynamic behavior of structures is a primordial factor determining its structural stability, reliability and lifespan. Therefore, in many advanced engineering applications, it has become essential to predict the dynamics of new designs through simulations, to identify the dynamic characteristics of prototypes and finally to monitor systems in...
doctoral thesis 2005