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Ryan, Conor (author)
Spacecraft are under constant threat from hypervelocity impacts by micrometeoroids and space debris. Due to their large surface area and hence increased probability of being impacted by debris, solar arrays are of particular concern. For larger, trackable debris objects, collision avoidance manoeuvres can be performed so as the minimise the...
master thesis 2022
Deloo, J.A.F. (author)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate a debris-remediation technique where a chaser performs a rendezvous with the debris, establishes a rigid-link connection, and actively de-orbits the debris. Remediation of the space environment becomes an increasing urgency, since the continuously growing space debris population in low-Earth orbit...
master thesis 2015
Leloux, J. (author)
The steadily growing amount of orbital debris increases the probability and amount of collisions between two objects in orbit about the Earth. These collisions in turn create even more debris, and it is therefore important to keep track of future conjunctions. The U.S. Space Surveillance Network (SSN) uses ground- and space-based sensors to...
master thesis 2012