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Groen, Puck (author)
Introduction<br/>The only curative and durable treatment option for patients suffering from end-stage liver disease is liver transplantation. However, there is a shortage of donor grafts of adequate quality, which is a major cause of wait list mortality. Ex situ liver resuscitation, reconditioning or regeneration of sub-optimal donor grafts can...
master thesis 2023
van Ooijen, Lisanne (author)
In the Netherlands, over 12% of the population has chronic kidney damage resulting in about 2000 patients with renal failure each year. Replacement of the kidney function by transplantation is desired, but due to a shortage of donor kidneys, the waiting list for a transplant is...
master thesis 2022
Brouwer, Max (author)
Expanded Criteria Donor (ECD) organs are being used more often in clinical setting. The regenerative ability of the organs might be able to restore the organ to full functionality ex vivo. For long term kidney stabilization, optimization and monitoring an organ incubator is preferable. However, it is unclear which available parts would work best...
master thesis 2019