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Konstadinou, M. (author), Herrier, G. (author), Stoutjesdijk, T. (author), Losma, F. (author), Zwanenburg, C. (author), Dobbe, R. (author)
This study aimed to assess the suitability of lime treatment for use in dikes in the Netherlands. The effect of this technique on the behavior of a Dutch clay was addressed by comparing the detailed response of lime-treated and natural samples at different lime contents (1.25% and 2.25%) and curing periods. A series of laboratory tests...
journal article 2023
Wegman, Tiemen (author)
In 2017 new guidelines concerning macro stability calculations were implemented by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. These guidelines are formulated in “Wettelijk Beoordelingsinstrumentarium” (WBI). The largest difference with the previous version of the guidelines concerns the material model that is prescribed to determine...
master thesis 2020
den Haan, E.J. (author)
report 2001