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Rodenburg, Amira (author)
Background and aims: Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is a common manifestation of abnormal blood pressure (BP) regulation. The relative contribution and interaction of the physiological systems that alter or maintain adequate BP is largely unknown. Developing a closed-loop model is necessary to investigate the complex physiological function and...
master thesis 2019
Timmermans, Sjoerd T. (author), Reijnierse, Esmee M. (author), Pasma, J.H. (author), Trappenburg, Marijke C. (author), Blauw, Gerard J. (author), Maier, Andrea B. (author), Meskers, Carel G M (author)
Background: Orthostatic hypotension (OH), a blood pressure drop after postural change, is associated with impaired standing balance and falls in older adults. This study aimed to assess the association between blood pressure (BP) and a measure of quality of standing balance, i.e. Center of Pressure (CoP) movement, after postural change from...
journal article 2018
de Bruijne, E.S. (author), Reijnierse, E.M. (author), Trappenburg, M.C. (author), Pasma, J.H. (author), De Vries, Oscar J. (author), Meskers, Carel G M (author), Maier, Andrea B. (author)
Background: Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is common in older adults and associated with increased morbidity and mortality, loss of independence and high health-care costs. Standing up slowly is a recommended non-pharmacological intervention. However, the effectiveness of this advice has not been well studied. Objectives: The aim of this study...
journal article 2017