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Xin, Haohui (author), Liu, Jielin (author), Correia, Jose A.F. (author), Berto, Filippo (author), Veljkovic, M. (author), Yang, Fei (author)
Strengthening fatigue damage of orthotropic steel decks (OSDs) needs to comprehensively consider the strengthening effect and the dead weight introduced during the strengthening process, especially for OSDs in super large-span bridges or old renovated bridges, where the dead weight cannot be significantly increased during repair and...
journal article 2023
Xiong, Yongming (author), Li, Chuanxi (author), Chen, Zhuoyi (author), He, Jun (author), Xin, H. (author)
Residual stresses change the stress ratio of fluctuating stresses, hence seriously affect the fatigue life of orthotropic steel decks (OSDs) under traffic loading. Residual stress distributions near the U rib-diaphragm joints are very complicated and need to be investigated further. In this paper, a systematic method has been proposed for...
journal article 2020