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Clercx, Josephine (author)
This thesis aims to improve Coolblue's direct demand estimation model for substitutable products. Their current model consists of three sub-models which all provide their direct demand estimations. For every product, the direct demand is taken from one of the sub-models based on their performance in estimating the sales. The sub-models are the...
master thesis 2022
van Eijkern, Adrien (author)
Retailers must adapt their activity to comply with the evolving demands of their customers. Increasing demand on order-fulfilment services, along with determination to keep high service levels, have raised the problem of space scarcity at retailer stores to keep and process picked customer orders. Congestion is then experienced in store order...
master thesis 2019
de Boer, Daan (author)
The retail market is changing rapidly. Many new offline, as well as online competitors, arrived. As a result, customers became more demanding. One of the critical elements is that customers expect a high variety of products that are always available. Out of Stocks (OoSs) in apparel stores result in lost sales in the short term and a declining...
master thesis 2018