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Akporotu, Richard (author)
<br/>This research has shed light on the capability of the HASP model in reproducing the dilatant behaviour of OC clays in drained and undrained conditions. The model is formulated by employing a combined hardening rule and uses the void ratio as a state variable while maintaining the simplicity of the MCC model. However, a sensitivity analysis...
master thesis 2019
De Nijs, R. (author), Kaalberg, F. (author), Osselaer, G. (author), Couck, J. (author), Van Royen, K. (author)
In order to relieve the busy traffic arteries of Antwerp (Belgium), the closing of the ring around Antwerp was put to study by BAM (Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel). The design of this construction requires detailed insight in the behaviour of the overconsolidated Boom clay layer during and after dewatering and removal of the covering soil...
conference paper