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Joshi, S. (author)
Advancements in stretchable electronic systems have changed the way modern electronics interact with their target systems, by their conformability to more complex shapes as compared to conventional rigid or flexible electronics. By utilizing this, limitless applications in the field of healthcare can be realized, such as wearable and implantable...
doctoral thesis 2018
Joshi, S. (author), Savov, A.M. (author), Shafqat, Salman (author), Dekker, R. (author)
The authors found that oxygen plasma etching of polyimide (PI) with aluminum (Al) as a hard-etch mask results in lightly textured arbitrary shaped “fur-like” residues. Upon investigation, the presence of Al was detected in these residues. Ruling out several causes of metal contamination that were already reported in literature, a new theory for...
journal article 2018