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Gutiérrez, Juan Pablo (author), Delgado, Luis Germán (author), van Halem, D. (author), Wessels, Peter (author), Rietveld, L.C. (author)
Guaranteeing a safe and continuous drinking water supply for the city of Cali, Colombia, has become a concern for the water company of Cali, the environmental authorities, universities, and entities involved in the water resource. The progressive deterioration of the city’s water sources has led to a search for future water sources and/or...
journal article 2016
Wijnja, J. (author)
It is the objective of this graduation research to determine the nations with the highest deployment opportunity for airborne wind energy (AWE) generation systems. Compared to conventional, ground based, wind energy systems, the flying structure of the airborne wind turbine substitutes the rotor blades and a tether substitutes the tower. These...
master thesis 2014
Mutikanga, H.E. (author), Sharma, S.K. (author), Vairavamoorthy, K. (author)
Water utilities particularly in the developing countries continue to operate with considerable inefficiencies in terms of water and revenue losses. With increasing water demand and scarcity, utilities require effective strategies for optimum use of available water resources. Diverse water loss reduction options exist. Deciding on which option to...
journal article 2011