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van Oel, C.J. (author), Mlihi, Meloek (author), Freeke, A. (author)
Using 3D design models, this study aims to better involve patients in the design of hospitals by investigating what physical environmental characteristics in hospital patient rooms are valued by patients. There is a plea for shared-decision-making and collaborative design processes with representatives from healthcare and the construction...
journal article 2020
Van Smoorenburg, Astrid N. (author), Hertroijs, Dorijn F.L. (author), Dekkers, T. (author), Elissen, Arianne M.J. (author), Melles, M. (author)
Background: The number of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients and related treatment costs are rapidly increasing. Consequentially, more cost-effective and efficient strategies for the treatment of T2DM are needed. One such strategy is improving patients' self-management. As patients are more and more expected to self-manage their disease...
journal article 2019
Dekkers, T. (author), Hertroijs, Dorijn F. L (author)
Calls for a more tailored approach to the management of cardiometabolic and musculoskeletal diseases have been increasing. Although tailored care is a centuries-old concept, it is still unclear how it should be best practised. The current paper introduces two phenotype-based Dutch approaches to support tailored care. One approach focuses on...
journal article 2018