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van der Vegt, N. (author), Klerk, W.J. (author), Peters, D.J. (author), van Gent, M.R.A. (author), Hofland, Bas (author)
Initial damage, caused by previous wave loading or other events, might affect the hydraulic stability of pattern-placed revetments. Three common types of damage are considered in this study. The effect of this assumed initial damage on the hydraulic stability and failure probability of revetments is quantified using a FEM model. This model is...
journal article 2024
van der Vegt, Niels (author)
Over time, degradation processes might cause damage to pattern-placed revetments. Examples of such damages are missing elements, deformation, and the loss of joint filling. However, little is known about the exact consequences of those damages. Therefore, when damage is observed during an inspection, it is estimated based upon experience what...
master thesis 2021