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van Helden, G. (author), van der Werf, V. (author), Saunders-Smits, Gillian (author), Specht, M.M. (author)
Increasing student numbers in higher education, particularly in engineering and computer science, make it difficult for motivated lecturers to continue engaging in active teaching methods such as Flipped Classrooms and Work-Based Learning. In these settings, digital Peer Assessment can be one approach to provide effective and scalable feedback....
review 2023
Santoni Gomez, Hector (author)
Peer assessment (PA) is a process that involves students assessing each other’s work and providing their peers with (elaborated) feedback. This thesis investigates how an elaborated form of formative PA can be implemented in the mathematics class to promote students’ achievement in mathematics. A mixed methods investigation at a third-grade...
master thesis 2021
Bots, P.W.G. (author), van Daalen, C. (author), Dopper, S.M. (author), Westink, J.M. (author)
The PrESTO system is a peer review and peer assessment tool that allows large numbers of students to practice open-ended assignments, while keeping the workload of the teaching staff manageable. PrESTO was originally developed for a quantitative modeling course, but is applicable to any course with open-ended assignments that can be divided...
conference paper 2019