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Ertas, Hulya (author), Pak, Burak (author), Newton, C.E.L. (author)
In this article, we introduce a dissensual knowledge production mechanism for the creation and governance of the commons. Rather than seeking a singular truth which is a social construct, producing a bricolage of truths by citizen associations or communities opens up new perspectives for the commons and democracy. Taking an online community as a...
journal article 2019
Kapoor, R. (author)
Bitcoin is a peer to peer decentralized virtual currency, released online through a research paper in 2008 by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto . Around the world, many countries have cautiously taken minor initiatives to address the regulatory issues, due to its rising popularity. The regulation is not seen as complete, due to the nascent and novel...
master thesis 2016
Wang, J. (author), Pouwelse, J. (author), Fokker, J. (author), De Vries, A.P. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author)
We introduce personalization on Tribler, a peer-to-peer (P2P) television system. Personalization allows users to browse programs much more efficiently according to their taste. It also enables to build social networks that can improve the performance of current P2P systems considerably, by increasing content availability, trust and the...
journal article 2007