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Irmak, T. (author), Pool, D.M. (author), de Winkel, K.N. (author), Happee, R. (author)
The human motion perception system has long been linked to motion sickness through state estimation conflict terms. However, to date, the extent to which available perception models are able to predict motion sickness, or which of the employed perceptual mechanisms are of most relevance to sickness prediction, has not been studied. In this...
journal article 2023
Güngen, Berna (author)
In current spatial orientation models, vertical acceleration (heave) is not coupled with pilot pitch perception, although such a coupling may be present. Therefore, in this study it is investigated whether a heave cue can increase perceived pitch in pilots.<br/><br/>Airline pilots (n = 20) performed a pitch perception task in a hexapod simulator...
master thesis 2022
de Koeijer, Niels (author)
With the aid of an array of loudspeakers, sound zone algorithms seek to reproduce multiple distinct zones of audio inside an enclosure. Typical approaches determine the loudspeaker inputs by optimizing over a cost function that models the sound pressure inside the enclosure. However, recent methods propose cost functions that include a...
master thesis 2021