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Ahmed Adil el Tayeb Abdelnour, Ahmed (author)
Regional climate model (RCMs) simulations are used in hydrological (climate-change) impact assessment studies. However, RCMs exhibit noticeable deviation from observation, and can show large variation in ensemble projections (biases). The objective of this study is twofold, first to assess the robustness of two high-skill bias-correction methods...
master thesis 2022
Hanea, A.M. (author), Nane, G.F. (author)
Expert judgement is routinely required to inform critically important decisions. While expert judgement can be remarkably useful when data are absent, it can be easily influenced by contextual biases which can lead to poor judgements and subsequently poor decisions. Structured elicitation protocols aim to: (1) guard against biases and provide...
journal article 2019